I found this video of a peculiar but surprisingly effective drone. Created by DARPA, it is meant to be a robotic storage platform, a replacement for a mule or horse in rough terrain. As shown in the video, it adapts well to uneven ground such as rocks and shrubbery, and can even right itself in case it tips over. […]

Link to the article in question. The interview in this article raises a very interesting viewpoint on the use of drones in modern military engagements; namely, their status as an alternative or even replacement for soldiers, whether on the ground or in the air, piloting jets or helicopters. The most interesting line I found was […]

Right here is a basic information video regarding one of the most prominent UAVs of the modern era: The MQ-9 Reaper, the successor to the popular Predator drone. I must say I am a big fan of the Reaper. From an Engineering level, it’s positively wonderful. I hope you learn something from this video about the […]

Link to the article. Among the less talked-about consequences of the middle-eastern drone strikes the U.S. has been conducting are those of a political nature. Not internationally political; I refer to the targets of our strikes, namely, Pakistan. Despite common beliefs, the Pakistani government is at least partially cooperative with the U.S. “drone war” taking place […]

Link to the full article. Not every drone is a soulless machine. Behind many of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles circling above places such as Pakistan and Afghanistan are Air Force personell. These drone pilots sit in their offices and utilize a system of computer monitors and joysticks to control their drones thousands of miles away. […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is a very popular game from a very popular series released late last year, of which I am a fan of. While many parts of the game are similar to previous titles, the major drawing point of the game itself is the use of various drones in the multiple […]

Link to the article. This article gives an alarming insight to the beliefs that some have against the nation’s police forces. We’ve all likely heard of the ramblings of a “1984” style police state that we apparently live in (and I somehow didn’t notice, I guess.), with people’s complaints about numerous anti-crime measures taken around […]