This whole “Police State” conspiracy has gone much too far.

Link to the article.

This article gives an alarming insight to the beliefs that some have against the nation’s police forces. We’ve all likely heard of the ramblings of a “1984” style police state that we apparently live in (and I somehow didn’t notice, I guess.), with people’s complaints about numerous anti-crime measures taken around the country, a fine example being the old “Red-Light Cameras” used to tag cars that speed through red lights. Complaining about something that only detriments those breaking the law seems a bit pointless to me, but that’s not the subject of this post.

The Christopher Dorner case is a nationally covered case that highlights an ex-cop that allegedly murdered at least two relatives of LAPD officers and wrote a manifesto regarding the state of police in general. In the ensuing manhunt, the LAPD injured three civilians, and, once Dorner was cornered, the cabin he was barricaded in burned to the ground, leaving it unclear whether Dorner or the LAPD started the fire in the first place. While the LAPD are quite notorious for their behaviors and I certainly don’t condone their firing upon random civilians, the way people have taken Dorner’s side is appalling. I’ve seen multiple users on the internet site Reddit, and various news sites as well, condoning Dorner’s actions and even regarding him as some sort of Robin Hood figure, with one comment even urging the use of tear gas on police officers’ children and the murder of their pets as some sort of revenge scheme.

Amid all this insanity, I found an article detailing the prevalent belief that an armed drone was sent to kill Dorner during the manhunt. This belief is simply brought up by the use of one word; Target. News sites have stated that Dorner was “targeted” by a surveillance drone. Never mind that the phrase “surveillance drone” refers to a remote drone built to survey rather than fight; the phrase “Target” apparently only has one definition; something that is marked for death. With that logic, I suppose we should arrest writers who design movies or books with a target audience in mind; that’s clearly evidence of some sort of hit list. Can we really only understand one definition of a word that can be used in so many different contexts?

People ignorant of drone technology seem to be under the impression that all drones are flying robots armed to the teeth with missiles and bombs. Even worse is the belief that the police would be dumb enough to attempt to use high explosives in a populated area with no regards to the political consequences and collateral damage that would result. We’ve already proven that is can be bad enough if such an action is just a baseless rumor spread on the internet.

I am in no way condoning any true reports of police brutality or corruption that are indeed major problems that must be solved, but the hatred and stereotyping of police in this country is quite ridiculous and frankly frightening. We should be finding intelligent solutions to the real problems, rather than perpetuating Fake ones just to get a point across.




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  1. pidoubleg · · Reply

    This is a really interesting discussion. So, would you say that the fact that people have rushed to believe that “surveillance drones” were responsible for Dorner’s death tells us something about the general attitudes toward and fear about drones?

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