People don’t like being blown up: In other news, water is wet.

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Among the less talked-about consequences of the middle-eastern drone strikes the U.S. has been conducting are those of a political nature. Not internationally political; I refer to the targets of our strikes, namely, Pakistan.


Despite common beliefs, the Pakistani government is at least partially cooperative with the U.S. “drone war” taking place in and around their country. After all, terrorism is universally deplored by most non-fundamentalist Islamic centered nations, and the one who harbor or are a part of these terrorist acts make up a prime example of the “vocal minority” that creates stereotypes of various beliefs and groups of people. This likely would not be a problem if not for human error; to say that the U.S. drone strikes have a 0% civilian death toll is as ignorant and delusional as the statement that U.S. drones specifically target civilians themselves. As with any threat of danger and a lack of security, the Pakistani people are growing against the notion of the U.S. possibly destroying their homes, friends, or family, even, or perhaps especially, by accident. Unfortunately, this seems to be causing an increase in the number of sympathizers and supporters of more radical political movements, movements that aren’t exactly open to cooperation, however little, with the U.S.

Only time will tell whether or not Pakistan will undergo changes in its often criticized government, but in the meantime, it would certainly not be harmful for the U.S. to exercise caution in its military maneuvers in this region.


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