Writing Reflection

I will say this: Up until my Junior Year of High School, I was not particularly into writing as a whole. In my first two years of high school, the only writing assignments that I ever took part in were short answers and poetry, neither of which was very appealing to me. Then came the Junior Year. My English teacher that year was probably the best teacher that I have ever had, and his multitude of varied creative writing assignments sparked my interest in factual and story-driven writing. Our biggest project was a fifteen page research paper on the topic of our choice, and mine was the decrepit state of the Mississippi River Levee System, complete with citations from the Baton Rouge public library and pictures I personally took of the levees on one of my trips to Louisiana. I can honestly say that that research paper is the reason that I am so engrossed in both reading and writing of stories and information.

I would consider myself to be both a creative and informational style of writer. My best works of writing have been of well researched arguments, such as the aforementioned research paper. At the same time, though, I will admit that I tend to have more fun with reading about the various stories and worlds other authors have conceived, or even attempting to create my own. When I am completely and utterly bored, with absolutely nothing to do, I tend to do one of three things: I either take a walk, look up various Wikipedia articles to perhaps learn something about a subject I didn’t know before, or formulate a basic story in my head, seeing just how many things I can manage to rip off, intentionally or not. I think that I may be better at arguing simply because of today’s internet culture. Protected by the anonymity of a computer screen, most internet dwellers resort to insults, “statistics,” and excessive use of Caps Lock, rather than a factual argument, and I feel as though this has compelled me to become a better arguer as some sort of compensation for the seeming lack of true argument on the Internet itself.

This class has greatly enhanced my understanding of argument, debate, and analysis of various works. The Personal Learning Network has allowed me to find sources and information that I likely would have not found otherwise. Also, the social media has brought me into contact with a variety of different opinions and issues to go with them, giving me an opportunity to continue practicing true argument. I see no reason that I would not continue to use these options after this class has ended, as I see no end to the knowledge that I can obtain, even if it means having to search through a lot of junk to find it. I feel as though the knowledge imparted to me during this class will stay with me for both my college and career lives, especially in today’s computer-oriented world.


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